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Visual identity and logo

Health Innovation Netherlands is open and inclusive, with all stakeholders welcomed. By taking part, they provide essential feedback and guidance.

The blue circle with the green arch represents the Round Table – a pivotal element of our services – and also the iris of a human eye. This highlights our belief that both stakeholders and innovators have valuable opinions to share on opportunities for improving patient healthcare.

Different logo elements can move independently while retaining their identity. This symbolizes growth and change. They also form the initials of Health Innovation Netherlands.

Colors are contemporary, conveying a sense of ‘fresh’ and ‘calm’. The blue hints at ‘blueprints’ of products under development, and the vertical line forms a beacon visible from far away – a guiding light for ideas. Together, they form an identity that is responsive to change but also well defined, helping to remove barriers for innovators who want to pitch their ideas and have them evaluated.

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