Health Innovation Netherlands (HI-NL) is a multi-stakeholder infrastructure where patients, doctors, health care-providers, methodologists, CE-experts, entrepreneurs, insurers, investors and regulatory authorities all contribute to deliver better medical devices, faster.

HI-NL aims at evaluating, implementing, and upscaling impactful innovations in order to help with designing a sustainable healthcare system – using fit-for-purpose evaluation processes:

  • EARLIER: engaging at an early stage all important stakeholders involved in the use, evaluation, decision-making, implementation, reimbursement, and upscaling of innovations
  • FASTER: ensuring a more rapid process via customization and proven ‘fit-for-innovation’ guidance
  • MORE EFFECTIVE: improved implementation of promising innovations, and termination or substitution of non-promising innovations.

I’m sure that HI-NL guidance at the beginning of our journey would have saved us a lot of time, money, and many discussions

André Elands, CEO The eNose Company

HI-NL aims to become a leading public-private partnership, the go-to partner in the Netherlands, and a portal towards Europe and the US, whenever support is required for the evaluation and implementation of medical innovations.

HI-NL also aims to create a joint research agenda, which prioritizes the activities that can best improve healthcare and the innovation process. Much will also change when the new European regulation (MDR) takes effect in May 2020. This requires us to respond, but also provides us with a valuable opportunity to improve the current evaluation and decision-making process around non-pharmaceutical innovations.

HI-NL is an integral part of the MedTech agenda of the Dutch Ministry of Health, addressing all sorts of MedTech innovations, and supporting the execution of universal missions within health and healthcare.

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