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Health Innovation Netherlands officially launched: Infrastructure to faster deliver better medical devices.

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Today Health Innovation Netherlands (HI-NL) was officially launched during the "Werkconferentie Nationale Medtech Agenda 2020-2025" at the Dutch Ministry of Health.

Health Innovation Netherlands (HI-NL) provides a multi-stakeholder infrastructure where patients, doctors, health care-providers, methodologists, CE-experts, entrepreneurs, insurers, investors, and regulatory authorities can all contribute to the faster delivery of better medical devices.

HI-NL aims at evaluating, implementing, and upscaling impactful innovations in order to help with designing a sustainable healthcare system – using fit-for-purpose evaluation processes.

Click here to read the press release (in Dutch)
Click here for the HI-NL slides presented at the conference (in Dutch)

Health Innovation Netherlands Directors Maroeska Rovers and Carl Moons officially launch HI-NL together with Marcel van Raaij (directeur Geneesmiddelen en Medische Technologie bij VWS)
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