Round Table service

Health Innovation Netherlands (HI-NL) offers a Round Table service to innovators in the medical technology space. Its purpose is to give innovators early insights into the path they will have to follow to bring their idea successfully to the market.

The Round Table service consists of three stages. In the first stage, desk research is performed that provides context and background for the stakeholder panel taking part in the Round Table discussion.

The second stage is the Round Table session itself. This brings stakeholders together and provides relevant input on the value of your innovation – from patients, medical specialists, insurers, health authorities, and/or regulators (depending on the needs of the innovator and the maturity of the product or service). Participants’ different perspectives, and recommendations for your innovation are discussed, and collective guidance is provided on how to move a valuable innovation forward successfully.

The final stage of the service consists of a written report giving feedback from the stakeholder panel. This is provided to the innovator and can serve as important resource to guide further development of the innovation.

The strength of the Round Table was really to bring those perspectives together and to form collective guidance to the innovator

Joep de Groot, Chairman Board of Directors CZ

When we can help:

The primary focus of HI-NL is on innovative medical devices, including but not limited to diagnostics, robotics, apps, and e-health. In order to provide appropriate support, product claims should be clearly articulated.  HI-NL provides tailored advice both before and after CE marking.

How it works:

  1. You use the intake form to provide HI-NL with information about your product, its claims, and the main question(s) you have for HI-NL.
  2. HI-NL evaluates the information and checks whether it can help address your question(s).
  3. A case lead (senior methodologist from University Medical Centre or Technical University) is assigned, and contacts you to discuss the next steps.
  4. Desk research is undertaken in preparation for a Round Table discussion. On the basis of this desk research, HI-NL identifies and invites the relevant experts needed for the Round Table. We expect to have at least five experts present at each Round Table.
  5. You are invited to a Round Table discussion with the experts. Both your product and the outcome of the desk research are presented, and there is ample opportunity for interaction. A closed panel discussion without the innovator follows, and this formulates advice to be presented back to you.
  6. You receive an Innovation Guide. This is a written report outlining the main conclusions of the discussions, highlighting stakeholder requirements, and identifying the immediate steps that need to be taken next to move the innovation forward.

Note that HI-NL is a not-for-profit organization. The innovator will be charged to cover the costs associated with the activities for the Round Table as outlined above.

The Round Table service is available for innovators, but is also available in packages for investors, venture capitalists, research institutes, and other funding agencies. Please contact us if you would like to know more about Round Table packages.

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